Who is jennette mccurdy dating in real life

"I just feel that, you know Ariana and I were and are extremely close and very like-minded in a lot of different ways and then, sorta as the show dissolved, everybody wanted to find some sort of hidden meaning in our relationship," Mc Curdy tells us (see more Tuesday on Jennette continued to explain that working long hours beside Grande for those years created a friendship that cannot be penetrated."There is certainly like a friend dynamic but then once you're around that person for—I mean, —once we didn't have child labor laws we could work like 16 hours a day so you are around these people constantly and It's just natural that you're gonna have ups and downs," she says."But you bond so much and you're so close that you can't go through that experience and...I can't imagine a world where you would not come out extreme friends.When asked if the Crowded dynamic felt familiar, Cosgrove says, Definitely a little bit. It’s cool to have two characters that are pretty different, but they somehow work together.It’s fun getting to have that dynamic again with Mia.The two live near one another, and, Cosgrove shares, have sleepovers "all the time." Reflecting on their friendship, the 22-year-old says, "We did the show for so long and spent so much of our childhood together.I feel like as the seasons went on, a lot of that came out on i Carly, like a lot of our real friendship because we were so close and we are still."Over the course of that Nickelodeon series, it's like fans grew up with Cosgrove, and thanks to Crowded's relatable premise, that's happening once again. She was sipping Coca Cola from a bottle and I was wearing camouflage zip-off pants from Limited Too. You'll never find anyone with a bigger heart, a sharper sense of humor, or a better sense of authenticity in a sometimes bullshit world. Needless to say, I thought she was the coolest person ever.10 years and a million memories later, and I still think Miranda is the coolest person ever.

As star Miranda Cosgrove's character declares in the pilot, "The most logical course of action in this economy is to move back in with my parents.

In fact, a majority of my friends did the exact same thing.

Cosgrove, however, isn't quite in the post-grad phase yet (she currently attends the University of Southern California), and she admits that she's happy with her current situation. Even though, I have my own place, I really like staying with them."Moving back home doesn't have to be a hindrance or a nightmare, but it does depend on your surroundings.

The show reminds twenty-somethings that they're not alone in their post-grad struggles — and more importantly, that there's no shame in moving back home.

When the weight of the world feels too heavy and you just want to stay under the covers forever? Sure, we can look at this week’s news and try to remember better days with Andre Drummond and Jennette Mc Curdy.

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