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Although most students who graduate form Al Khaleej National School stay in the UAE for their tertiary study, there are students who go to the US, Lebanon and the UK.

Facilities at the school available for students include a library, science and computer laboratories, media rooms, reading areas, music rooms, on-campus mosques, a football pitch, swimming pool, gymnasium and canteen.

Students felt quite well connected to the wider community in Dubai as they were involved in community service, but felt they could have a charity club and run visits to Special needs schools and old age homes.

We were pleased to have the opportunity to interview a current parent of the school.

White triangular wall details are spaced out between large trapezoid windows.

We received a friendly greeting, were checked by security and ID was required at the gate.

It was agreed that more choice would be a good idea.Most teachers are Arab nationals although there has been recent efforts to recruit teachers from other countries in the Middle East as well as teachers from the US.The school makes an effort to hire international teachers who are knowledgable about the region and local customs; they also offer an orientation and induction program for all new teachers at the start of each academic year.The school, established in July 1992, has 2152 students enrolled with separate sections allocated for boys and girls from Grade 5 upwards.Al Khaleej National School follows the US and the Ministry of Education (MOE) (for Arabic, Islamic, and Social Studies) curricula with graduating students receiving the US high school diploma.

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