Süddeutsche zeitung - heirats- & bekanntschaftsanzeigen suche

Fromthe T had hydraulic disc brakes for both the front and rear wheels.

The engine oil system is bonneville single seat rack the dry sump type, a combined pressure and scavenge oil pump is driven by the inlet bonneville single seat rack gear, later versions of the T employed additional integral non-return bonneville single seat rack to prevent oil draining into the sump.US-version side panels had "One of a Thousand" written under Union Jack flag stickers, UK-version side panels had "Limited Edition", while the remaining Commonwealth export bikes were badged Edition".Quickly established as a collectors item, each machine was supplied with a unique certificate of ownership.Early models featured a right mounted gear change lever with all later models from August featuring a left mounted gear lever.The under-seat area is occupied by the battery and ignition coils.

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