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It would be the first time since 2015 since we were all home for the holidays. Im terrible at sending them, but know that I enjoy seeing your families as they grow over the years.Im planning on taking a good family Christmas photo this year and with any luck, Ill make Christmas cards for next year! It will be an issue about our communitys successes and struggles." Thanks Rodney for being our local sign comedian and turning me into "Dr. She used them to decorate for our Christmas this year. The memories are the gifts that those who have passed leave us.If it all worked out, we had our entire family together for Christmas this year.Our Son Nick is coming home from Okinawa, Japan for a couple of weeks!Perfect timing and much luck has made this trip possible.I was hoping to jump on a trampoline inside a submarine dressed as a wolverine. You guys are appreciated and we hope to be interviewing them soon as civilians! The holidays will sort of mess up our delivery schedules, but we will publish our weekly newspapers through the holidays. Its difficult to write about something that hasnt happened yet and that youll read after the fact, but it is my wish that you had a joyful celebration with family and friends. I know of so many in our community that have experienced loss of family members around the holidays and it is my prayer that the Lord gives you peace, hope and love during this time of year. In the last few years, our family has lost several family members. In recent years weve lost Rondas grandma and my dad.I am also wanting to keep my spleen at least until Halloween - all in 2018! Ronda and I enjoyed looking through old family Christmas decorations a few weeks ago.

Please dont think in any way that I support use of force as the only option in dealing with Mr.I made what seemed like the longest trip to town Ive made in decades Tuesday morning.It was the end of "Christmas Break" for Ronda and I.But he has already been connected to an ethics issue, according to the Detroit Free Press.In 2010, the congressman had to reimburse the Treasury Department ,682 for his sons misuse of a taxpayer-funded Cadillac Escalade, the paper reports.

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    She said that the test is not a "level playing field" as many of the children from out of county will be from private schools where they will have had an "intense degree of coaching for the 11 plus." She said this will lead to grammar schools "full of over coached bright children" and not naturally bright all round intelligent children.

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    (see: Pastoral Advice for Single Women) If you are married to a child: Make an appointment with a marriage counselor.