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They are also clean burning—replacing toxic gases, like carbon monoxide and soot, with naught but water vapor.

Despite better fuel cell technology, there are a number of obstacles, largely shared by electric cars, that may prevent widespread adoption in the near term.

Lo hicieron mediante el secuestro de aviones de línea, para ser impactados luego contra varios objetivos.

Causaron la muerte a cerca de 3.000 personas y heridas a otras 6.000, así como la destrucción del entorno del World Trade Center en Nueva York y graves daños en el Pentágono, Estado de Virginia.

Another advance, RNA interference (RNAi), protects crops from viral infection, fungal pathogens, and pests and may reduce dependence on chemical pesticides.

Major staples including wheat, rice, potatoes, and bananas may benefit from the tech.

Just last year, however, researchers discovered recyclable thermoset plastics.

The new category, dubbed poly(hexahydrotriazine)s, or PHTs, can be dissolved in strong acid and reused in new products.

Fuel cells combine the most attractive characteristics of gas-powered cars and electric cars.Go here for the list in full, and leave your thoughts in the comments. "Fuel cell vehicles: Zero-emission cars that run on hydrogen" Long-promised, fuel cell vehicles are finally here.Various car companies are aiming to bring new models to market.Prerequisites include intimate knowledge of the bleeding edge of technology, the ability to separate signal from noise, and more than a little audacity.Looking back, they can appear adorably quaint or shockingly prescient.

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