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This gives her time to upgrade to a bigger home when babies come along, and also means she’ll be mortgage-free by 61, according to an HSBC report.It’s not always clear which comes first these days — but as well as 30 being the most common age for a woman to marry in the UK, official statistics say it’s now also the average age for a woman to have her first baby.The bland foods we liked as children are no longer enough to suit a woman’s more adventurous palette.Tastebuds stop regenerating as quickly at this age, enabling us to find stronger flavours, such as anchovies, more palatable.Research last week revealed 34 as the age when we are at our happiest as we tick off some of life’s most important boxes, like settling down, establishing a career and buying a home. From teens to retirement, here we reveal the ultimate time-line of a woman’s life.The average age at which a girl becomes a woman is 12 years and seven months — although the exact timing of her first period will follow that of her mother, according to scientists at the University of London.It may not be a coincidence that this is the also the age when women believe they become invisible to men, who stop giving them appreciative smiles or opendoors for them.There may be a good reason that, at this age, actress Demi Moore looks so youthful.

This is the age at which most women finally stop having periods.

It’s time to slip back into baby mode for many women at this age.

This is the birthday when you are most likely to become a grandmother for the first time, report researchers at the Future Foundation.

This is the best possible age at which to give birth.

Sociologists looking at the birth experiences of 3,000 women for the Journal of Health and Social Behaviour found that those who delayed having a child until now had fewer complications (before the risks start to rise again with age), and were also more emotionally mature and financially secure.

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