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Prior to marriage, we’re rarely involved in dynamics that properly hold up a mirror to our disturbances.

Whenever more casual relationships threaten to reveal the ‘difficult’ side of our natures, we tend to blame the partner – and call it a day.

We believe we seek happiness in love, but it’s not quite that simple.

What at times it seems we actually seek is familiarity – which may well complicate any plans we might have for happiness.

But unfortunately, the lessons we picked up may not have been straightforward.

The love we knew as children may have come entwined with other, less pleasant dynamics: being controlled, feeling humiliated, being abandoned, never communicating, in short: suffering. Why is it hard for us to know ourselves in these ways? There are several huge cognitive frailties that make it hard for us to have certain kinds of insight about ourselves.

’The problem is that knowledge of our own neuroses is not at all easy to come by.

What are the dangers that come with a lack of self-knowledge? In other words, not everything that we can know about ourselves is all that important to find out.As for our friends, they predictably don’t care enough about us to have any motive to probe our real selves. Therefore, we end up blind to the awkward sides of our natures.On our own, when we’re furious, we don’t shout, as there’s no one there to listen – and therefore we overlook the true, worrying strength of our capacity for fury.The very idea that we might not be too difficult as people should set off alarm bells in any prospective partner.The question is just where the problems will lie: perhaps we have a latent tendency to get furious when someone disagrees with us, or we can only relax when we are working, or we’re a bit tricky around intimacy after sex, or we’ve never been so good at explaining what’s going on when we’re worried.

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