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D., November 15th, 1892, on the One Hundredth Anniversary of Monongahela City, Pa.... D 171 The Walker Family 176 Samuel Frew 180 Death of Mrs. Lizzie Van Voorhis Cunningham..,..- 213 The Smith Family— Dr. Threshing was done with the flail during the winter.

The barn roof was made with clap-boards at first, then of straw and finally of shingles. Rose Ann Davidson 160 Joseph Alexander 164 Death of William Wickerham in 1879 165 Death of John King in 1881 168 -Death of Dr. Lines thus indicated were held sacred by all parties and to this day are legal. Alexander Hervey Houston 149 Aunt Margaret Philips 150 iv. The Black— Beutley -King Families 151 William Jones Family 15G The Alexander Family IGO Mrs. There was no attention to angles, degrees and chains, the sole object being to designate the boundaries of the tract without reference to the luunber of acres. Sowing of grain was done broadcast, in which the modern invention of drilling is not generally admitted to be an im- provement. After the country was somewhat opened up a system of reaping was adopted. Sutton Wall 290 One Hundred Years 393 Belleveruon 399 The Presbyterian Church of Bellevernon 331 ^The Cunningham Family 326 Bellevernon Sabbath School 339 Methodist Episcopal Church of Bellevei'non 333 Stewards in Bellevernon M. Church 343 Free Will Baptist Church 347 Disciple Church of -Bellevernon 351 The First School in Bellevernon 353 The New Brick School House in Bellevernon 359 Bellevernon Academy 861 Post Office and Telegraph 363 Newspapers 365 Glass Works and Business Men in Bellevernon 366 The Grand Army Post 368 I. The gears were principally at first such as were brought with the settler from the east, but the new ones, and repairing was made from ropes, home-made out of tow, which was the second quality of flax.

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