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It might be better to have this function in Slic3r.

_______________________________________________ Open SCAD mailing list [hidden email] Make can slice objects and these slices can be cut on a laser cutter and glued together to form an object.

We concentrate on the digital reconstruction pipeline that will be of interest to custodians of similarly fire-damaged historical parchment, whilst highlighting how working together on this project has produced an online resource that has focussed community reflection upon an important, but previously inaccessible, historical text.

We present here a major, groundbreaking partnership that physically conserved and digitally reconstructed a severely damaged parchment document of significant importance as a source for the City of London’s role in the Protestant colonization and administration of the Irish province of Ulster (now in Northern Ireland).

Standard two-dimensional digitization techniques would not capture the physicality of the text adequately, and existing three-dimensional (3D) scanning methods for documentary material were unsuitable for this particular application.

This paper presents a lightweight pipeline for the digital acquisition and generation of a 3D reconstruction of a severely fire-damaged document that exhibits complex geometry.

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